Monday, August 11, 2014

It's Time to Update Your Wardrobe to go Back to School

School is fast approaching and whether you are heading to high school or university, there is one thing on your mind - no, it isn't your course load or who is teaching your class, it is what you are going to wear! Yea, those clothes in your closet and jewelry on your dresser are OK, but don't you want to be amazing! Of course you do, you want to come back to school looking fresh and new! You don't want to wear last year's outfit during this school year! We have compiled a short list filled with just a few great reasons why you need to go back to school shopping!

Pretty in Pink

Because the first time you see your friends, you want them to go "wow!"

You never know when you may run into that hottie from [enter class name here] and you always have to look your best just in case!

Because last year's fashion is just that., last year!

You need to update your jewelry box with the latest in hot jewelry fashions, including trendy name necklaces and monogram jewelry.

Cursive Name Necklace in SilverGold Plated XXL Premium Monogram Necklace

Clothes and accessories are always a great conversation starter.

Fashion is fun and it is where art can come alive! Create your own unique style based on your favorite trending celebrity!

Because nothing beats looking into your mirror and simply loving what you have on!

Start the new school year off right with the right back to school look. And your look is not complete without personalized jewelry from MyNameNecklace! Right now you can save 10% on your order! But hurry up before the sale ends!

Back to School Sale

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