Sunday, August 31, 2014

MyNameNecklace is Going to the Birds!

Did you know that for thousands of years, people have been wearing bird jewelry? From Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece to Native Americans and the American Art Deco period, birds have been used in jewelry accessories. We love bird necklaces at MyNameNecklace - they are fun, fabulous, and full of meaning and significance. Each type of bird has a different meaning. We elevate the meaning even further by adding a personalized touch to our bird necklaces!

Personalized Bird Necklace in Silver

When it comes to mothers jewelry, there is no better symbol out there than the mama bird. The non-descriptive bird is associated with motherhood, assurance, and security. Doves are a common symbol to use is jewelry for moms because they symbolize peace and love, as well as devotion, nurturing, and self-sacrifice - all important characteristics of a good mom! Any mom will surely love to receive a piece of bird jewelry as a gift. It is a way for them to keep their kids close to them, even if they are geographically far apart.
But we have more than just bird necklaces for mom! For those who follow current fashion trends, you know that owl jewelry is insanely popular right now.  There are many people walking on the street sporting their very own owl necklace. Did you know that the owl represents protection, intelligence, mystery, and wisdom. It is definitely a good bird to be wearing! And especially if you love the night hours, the owl is the symbol of nocturnal creatures. We made our owl necklace very special and you know you want one! 

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