Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Weekly Jive: Week of August 10th

Welcome back again to the weekly jive, where we discuss this weeks top five trends, news, photos and more. If you see any interesting images on Pinterest, make sure to tag us @MyNameNecklace, so that we can give you a re-pin!

1. Like all of you we were shocked and absolutely dismayed from the sad news regarding the death of the actor, comedian, and all around performer Robin Williams. Williams death sent shock waves throughout the whole entertainment industry, and brought to light the problem of depression even in privileged circles. Depression should be treated and should not be left alone. We will always remember Robin in a positive light, and we at least hope that the publicity surrounding his death, helps more people get treatment for their problems. It's not your fault, It's not your fault.

2. Meteor showers! Did you catch them? The Perseids Meteor Showers occur each August and make for some spectacular viewing. Hope you had a chance to catch them:

3. While sister Kylie was partying with the Biebs, and the Teen Choice Awards were deemed to be rigged by the Internet, Kendall Jenner was chosen as our Fashion Icon of the Month. Check out our feature about her!
Kendall Jenner Takes her Initial Necklace to the Beach!

4. It was cowabunga at the box office, as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rebooted with a new movie, which brought a lot of summer movie watchers to the theater.

5. Pop Superstar Taylor Swift was caught rocking an awesome Scrabble Necklace on her appearance on EW! a skit from Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show. Swift is known as a fashion trend setter, and was at the forefront of celebrities wearing monogram jewelry years ago. You can pick up your very own scrabble necklace from MyNameNecklace.
Scrabble Necklace from MyNameNecklace

Stay tuned next week for the hottest five things going on, with the My Name Necklace Weekly Jive!

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