Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Get the Look: Playing with Our Monograms

Undoubtedly you have heard us preaching the amazing-ness that is monogram jewelry. We can't stop talking about monograms because they are awesome! We have many designs and size options, ensuring that everyone out there can find a monogram they love. And it isn't only our job to provide you with monograms, but also teach you a bit about them as well! Here are some of the different ways we wear this fun jewelry trend!

Block Monogram Stud Earrings

Aren't these Block Monogram Stud Earrings perfect for everyday outfits and formal wear?! We love them. They are fun to wear and very light on the ears, which is always important! We have other block monogram designs like this one, including...

XS Block Monogram Bracelet

...Our XS Block Monogram Bracelet! As you can see, a coworker of ours paired it with her Shamballa Star Initial Bracelet! (And yes, she does love anything with stars!) But it is a fun look, completely original, and perfect for the day!

Silver XXL Statement Monogram Necklace

The saying "Go Big or Go Home" is the driving force behind our XXL Statement Monogram Necklace! It is fun and funky to the extreme. If you are in love with monograms as much as we are and now want to make your monogram your personal logo, you can't go wrong with this necklace!

Gold Plated XXL Premium Monogram Necklace

We also have a (relatively) new monogram style now - our Premium Monogram Collection. This series of monogram jewelry features an intricate swirly design that many of our fans are simply loving! The monogram in the picture is our gold plated XXL version

Premium Monogram Necklace in Gold Plating

We also dressed the same necklace up a bit. Why? Simply 'cause we can! It is just so much fun to do! Monograms show off who you are without stating it outright. Everyone will want to know what your initials stand for! (What a conversation starter! And don't forget to mention you got it at MyNameNecklace!) And while you can write three-letter words with monograms (BRB, WTF, and LOL tend to be the most popular), many opt simply for their initials. And if you are looking for a great gift for a new bride, a monogram with her new initials is perfect!

Don't worry if you are a monogram newbie, we make it super simple to order your initials in just the right way! This way you won't be left hanging when it comes time to order this special piece of personalized jewelry. Show off your personality in a whole new way with monogram jewelry!

Which monogram suits you the best? How do you wear your monogram? We want to know! Make sure to tag us on Twitter at @MyNameNecklace and on Google Plus at +MyNameNecklace! Send us a picture of you and your monogram!

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