Monday, September 22, 2014

Now Trending: Personalized Bead Bracelets

When you think of bead bracelets, what do you think of? Probably those multi colored bracelets you used to love wearing as a kid. Well, we've taken the fun concept of the bead bracelet and gave it a more of an "adult" touch by adding unique personalized charms to it. We have initial charms, family tree discs, baby feet pendants, monogram discs, engraved hearts, and boy/girl charms. We have a fun collection of not only pendants but also colors to choose from.

Bead Bracelet Colors

This is not only a great gift to buy yourself but also give to someone else. For a mom, choose from the family tree pendant (with names engraved on the back), baby feet charm, or the boy/girl charm. For a significant other, nothing is more special than the engraved heart charm. And if you love initials, our monogram or initial pendant bead bracelet is the perfect choice!

Which bead bracelet are you interested in?

colors bead bracelets

bead bracelets 1

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bead bracelets 3

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