Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Playing with Jewelry

Sometimes at MyNameNecklace, we like to have fun! And for us, one way to have fun is to take pictures with all our cool personalized jewelry items! Take a look at some of our new and popular products. Let us know what you like and how you would pair our jewelry with your outfits! We always love to hear feedback, so catch us at Twitter @MyNameNecklace and Google+ +MyNameNecklace right now!

Stackable Personalized Bracelets

We love stackable bracelets! It is such a hot trend right now and we are totally loving it. We have a huge selection of stackable shamballa bracelets! And you can mix it up further with a classic monogram bracelet or personalized name bracelet! The choice is yours. And you see that handcuff bracelet? Well it will look perfect with our...

Handcuff Necklace in Silver

...Handcuff Necklace in Silver! Seriously! Whether or not you are a fan of 50 Shades of Grey or not, you will love the symbolism of this necklace! Put your initial on one cuff and your significant other on the second cuff. As this handcuffs are bound together, so is your love for one another! You really can't beat meaning like that!

Owl Necklace with Back Engraving

Are you a night owl? Show it off with our fabulous Owl Necklace with Back Engraving. This fun necklace provides the opportunity to not engrave the backside but also to choose what birthstone you'd like for the eyes of the owl! Bird jewelry is H-O-T, hot and you can't miss out on this necklace! And you can even wear it in the daytime!

XXL Premium Monogram Necklace

Oh you know we couldn't forget about monogram jewelry! We are monogram fanatics! Seriously, we cannot get enough of them! We now even have an amazing Premium Monogram Collection you need to check out now! With so many celebrities getting a monogram necklace, isn't it about time you got yourself a monogram? Day or night, this is the best accessory there is!
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