Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide - Don't Forget the Kids!

It is time to start thinking about Christmas gifts for all the kids you have on your list. And while many people will say that shopping for kids can be easy, the truth is finding Christmas gifts for kids can be an exhausting venture. Do you get them something educational that will stimulate their brain or do you go with a fun, trendy new toy that is sure to captivate their attention for, well, at least a week or two. Well, we have a great third option for you - personalized children's jewelry! Name necklaces for kids, engraved jewelry for kids, these are great gift items that will not only put a smile on a child's face, but something they can keep and hold onto for many, many years. We all have keepsakes from when we were youngin's, and a lot of those little treasures are jewelry items. Sure, as an adult we may have grown out of them, but we always look at them with fond memories. Not quite sure what Christmas gift option to get your kid? Well, don't worry because we have some really great suggestions for kids of all ages!

(And some of these items can make great stocking stuffer ideas as well - something we all need to think about!)

Let's start with babies! That's right - even babies and very small children deserve personalized jewelry! Did you know we have a new collection of personalized baby gifts? These personalized bracelets for babies make perfect birthday gifts, personalized baptism gifts, and even Christmas gifts!
Personalized Baby Gifts

On to those of you with budding fashionistas. We have a great selection of engraved necklaces and name necklaces perfect for any little girl.
Engraved Necklaces for Girls

Here are some other really great ideas!

Neon Pink! Name NecklaceEngraved Crown Necklace in SilverCut Out Star Bracelet in Sterling Silver
And of course, you cannot resist getting your daughter her first monogram necklace!

XS Block Monogram Necklace in Silver
And what about the boys? We can't forget them now can we? Last week we talked about great gifts for guys and many of those personalized Christmas gifts for men can work well for young boys as well! Here are some other really great gift ideas for boys!

Vertical Design Silver Name NecklaceMen’s Personalized Metal Buckle Rubber Bracelet

Have fun Christmas shopping for kids!

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