Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Guys

Buying gifts for men can be an excruciating ordeal. Ask anyone who has had to buy a gift for a father, son, brother, male friend, or significant other, and they will tell you about all the time and effort that can go into this endeavor. But with the holidays coming up, you really can't just cut guys completely off the list. Furthermore, the standard issue tie and belt is boring, overdone, and just not very well appreciated. (That fake smile plastered on their face will tell you all you need to know.)

Here's the issue, by the time we know what guys want, usually they have already gotten it for themselves or what they want is insanely expensive. (No, you cannot have an entire shoe collection or a pricey Italian car.) Furthermore, not all women are well-versed in technical doohikies and whatchamacallits. To some women, sound systems and external hard-drives are all the same.

So what do you do in this case? Well, it is time to think a bit outside the box. Why not get something with a bit of a personalized touch? At MyNameNecklace, we have a large selection of great gifts for every "flavor of guy" out there - from the guy who wears suits on a daily basis to the ones that live it up in the sand and surf. We have something for everyone in our Men's Collection. Here are a few quick ideas for you!

Monogrammed Cufflinks
What guy wouldn't want a pair of monogrammed cufflinks?! They are the ultimate style accessory, especially for guys who have to wear suits a lot to work. 

Engraved Dog Tags

We also have a selection of engraved dog tag necklaces! We have everything from traditional dog tags to dog tags for him and her. What guy wouldn't want his own personalized dog tag necklace, and we have a large variety to choose from!

Name Necklaces for Men

We all know men won't wear Carrie Style Name Necklaces, but that doesn't mean they can't have their own style of name necklace. We have a lot of male inspired name necklaces that they will love to wear on a daily basis!

What are you going to get the guys you know for Christmas this year? Make it personalized...make it MyNameNecklace!

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