Tuesday, November 4, 2014

5 Crazy Name Necklaces People Actually Ordered

Okay, so over the year we get tons and tons of name necklace requests. Most are pretty simple - we get a lot of Alexandra's, Julia's, Sarah's, Melissa's, and so on. But no one said you actually had to get to get your name on a personalized necklace. Some people opt for last names or names of significant others. We also see tons of trends, including inspirational words, geographical locations (2014's winner was Brooklyn by a landslide!), sports teams, and even car brands. But sometimes, sometimes we see some really crazy name necklaces. Below are just a few of the crazy ones we've seen!

SugarDaddy Name Necklace
Who's your sugar daddy?!

Hooligan Name Necklace
A perfect match for any hooligan out there!

Internet Name Necklace
Yes, someone actually did order an "Internet" name necklace!
Catwoman name necklace
For next year's Halloween costume perhaps?
Margarita name necklace
It's always 5 o'clock somewhere!

And if you want to see even more, click here for our SFW version and click here if you are interested in our NSFW edition! It will blow your mind what people get on their personalized necklaces!

What would you get your necklace? Let us know by dropping a comment!
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