Sunday, November 23, 2014

Christmas Holiday Style featuring Bar Necklaces

Ah the holidays have come. Lots of parties, lots of family and co-workers, lots of alcohol, but what to wear? Rest at ease. Here at My Name Necklace we have the perfect style inspiration for you! Whatever your style preference rest assured you will turn heads as you walk into your annual Christmas work party. We'll take a cue from some of our favorite celebrities to inspire us. as bar necklace are so in trend we will focus on how to pair your beloved bar necklace.  Let's take a look shall we?

The first look is inspired by the style chameleon, Rita Ora. Rita is always changing up her look and we love, however in this instance she went for a demure, sexy, yet simply stated look. The bar necklace adds a simple but personal touch.  This look is perfect for one of your fancier Christmas parties.

Rita Ora Style Inspiration
Rita Ora Style Inspiration by mynamenecklace featuring a  bar necklace

The second look has a winter white. look fresh with this cool look inspired by Nikki Reed. Winter whites are all the rage this year. Pair it with the stylish bar necklace, and hey you won't even need to take off the next morning, you can wear with a more casual outfit. Look sophisticated yet with touches of casual and impress your guests with a unique look this season.
Nikki Reed Winter White Style

Nikki Reed Winter White Style by mynamenecklace featuring bar necklaces

The third and final look is a look by the always classy and stylish Emma Watson. Since it is the Holiday season we have to add a touch of red don't we? This dose is exactly what the Doctor order. Don't overdo the red and go for the color blocking option. You can even layer a few simple necklaces for an added amount of glam! This simple outfit is everything you need: dressy, fun and easy!

Emma Watson Holiday look

Emma Watson Holiday look by mynamenecklace featuring a gold bar necklace

This bonus outfit inspiration is all thanks to the woman I saw on the bus on the way to work this morning, and I thought "Damn I love everything she's wearing!" Style inspiration is just around the corner! You can wear this look as a more casual look with simple makeup or dress it up with an intense lip and smoky eyes.
Street Style Inspo

Street Style Inspo by mynamenecklace featuring monogram ring and handcuff necklace

Well this has been fun! I hope you enjoyed and got some inspiration for your next night out! What personalized piece will you be wearing this holiday season?  Stay tuned next time for more fun style muses.

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