Sunday, November 30, 2014

Gifts on a Budget: 6 Gifts that Will make them Think You Broke the Bank

Christmas budgets suck. Unfortunately, we don't all have Black Amex cards at our disposal and therefore have to determine not only how much we have in total to spend, but how much to spend per person. It ends up becoming a game of "Who do I love more and will therefore spend more money on" or "Who is going to spend a lot on me so I have to therefore spend a lot on them?" Who do you rank above who? It is a popularity contest that no one wants to play (or find out they are at the bottom of). The goal becomes to find cheap gifts that look like you've spent money. And don't worry about purchasing inexpensive gifts, because in the end, it is always the thought that counts!

Acrylic Name Necklace Gift

The goal when looking for inexpensive holiday gifts is to find items that look like they cost a pretty penny. And in reality you aren't counting pennies from the crevices of your couch to pay rent because you spent an exorbitant amount on a Christmas gift.

Here are some examples of great Christmas gifts that won't break the bank but are very thoughtful and will garner a big holiday hug!

Engraved Dog Tag Keychain
Engraved keychains are very popular right now! Personalized keychains are not only a great gift to give a guy or a girl, but if the recipient is not a big jewelry-wearer, a keychain is the next big thing. One of the most popular engravings we've seen this year is "Love You to the Moon and Back!"

Acrylic Name Necklace
Can't really afford a silver or gold name necklace, but still want to get someone on your list something nice? What about an acrylic name necklace? Not only can you choose the name or word you like, but you can make it extra special by putting it in their favorite color!

Acrylic State Necklace
Everyone has one state that they love more than any other, which is why the Acrylic State Necklace is such a good choice! If they have a favorite sports team from that state, you can get the necklace is one of the team's official colors! (And if you are looking to splurge just a bit more, there is always our Sterling Silver State Necklace with Initial!)

Celebrity Monogram Necklace in Acrylic
Do you have someone on your list who is into the monogram jewelry trend? We love monogram accessories and we love inexpensive ways to wear our initials. That is why our Celebrity Monogram Necklace in Acrylic is so popular. Show off your initials in a fun and fabulous way! And if you are unsure how to monogram a necklace, don't worry, we can help!

Stainless Steel Dog Tag Necklace with Initials
Hands down, men can be hard to shop for, especially when it comes to men's jewelry. We are always reading up on the best gifts for men. But when you mix men with inexpensive gifts, it can be even more difficult. That is why we love personalized dog tags! Dog tags are the best when it comes to looking for jewelry for men. And this dog tag with initials is simple, stylish, and something a recipient is sure to like. 

Personalized Key Bracelet on Shamballa Cord

We love the stackable bracelet trend going on right now. Arm candy is no longer that cute boy walking with you but the amazing bracelets you have stacked around your wrist! Our favorite bracelet style has to be shamballa! They are fun, colorful, and we have many styles available with an assortment of pendants. Our Personalized Key Shamballa Bracelet is one of our most popular because not only can you choose the color cord and engraving, but also the birthstone! 

What inexpensive gifts would you buy for Christmas?

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