Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: Here's One for the Fashionistas

As we are approaching the end of our gift guide series, there is an important group that we have left out - fashionistas! These are the girls that follow the latest jewelry trends and watch to see what their favorite celebs are wearing to emulate it! So for all the fashionistas out there, we have the perfect gifts for you! Don't forget to put these on your Christmas wish list!

First and foremost, all fashionistas need a monogram or two...or a whole collection, in their arsenal! 

Keep Calm and Get a Monogram

We have loads of styles of monograms just for you - our Celebrity and Premium Collections remain some of our top accessories of 2014 and will totally not stop in 2015! Every girl will want a monogram just like yours! 

Gold Plated XXL Premium Monogram Necklace

But if you want more than a monogram, we have the next best thing - name necklaces! You can get your name on a necklace and everyone will know who you are (a la Carrie Bradshaw in "Sex and the City"). But that's not all, we see a huge trend of people getting other than their name on a personalized necklace. These include inspirational words, favorite geographical locations (Brooklyn was 2014's most popular), and even sport's teams. But there have also been some truly interesting requests as well!

Personalized Name Necklace in Silver

But you don't have to buy just one necklace! One of the biggest trends we are seeing is layering your necklaces! Get a name necklace with a bar necklace for a truly unique look!

layering necklaces

Don't like necklaces? You can always stack your bracelets and make some real arm candy!

stacking bracelets

So what are you going to get your favorite fashionista this year for Christmas?

And don't forget we are having a huge sale right now! 

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