Tuesday, November 25, 2014

MyNameNecklace Shares: Thanksgiving Traditions

Everyone has their own special Thanksgiving traditions they do every year. Even the President of the United States has an annual tradition - he officially pardons the National Thanksgiving Turkey and allows it to live out its remaining time on a farm with the other pardoned turkeys from years before. There is no stronger holiday for traditions than Thanksgiving. We decided to ask around the MyNameNecklace office and find out some of our coworkers' Thanksgiving Day traditions.

Keep Calm and Gobble On

Showing Thanks
Every year, my mom puts branches of a tree using construction paper on a wall. When you walk in, before you are able to sit at the table to eat, you need to take one of the green cut-out leaves, and write what you are thankful for. In the end, there is a beautiful tree with what everyone is thankful for.

The Family that Watches the Parade Together, Stays Together
On Thanksgiving, the parade is on and we are all watching it together. Usually I am sitting on the couch peeling potatoes and my mom can be seen in the background stealing glances as she cooks dinner. No matter what, we all watch it together and then we can talk about it over dinner with family and friends.

Throwing Around the Ol' Pigskin
While dinner is cooking, we all go to the local park and play a game of football. Usually there are other families doing the same thing, so we get one really big game going on with the whole neighborhood! And every year the moms come out and bring us all hot cider while we play!

Unearthing Christmas Decorations
After the Thanksgiving meal, while some people watch football, the rest of us go into the basement and officially bring up the decorations for Christmas. We sit around and remember stories behind tree ornaments and wall decorations, while also deciding how to decorate the outside of the house!

Bringing out the Board Games
We are not huge football fans, so after the meal, we bring out all our board games and play. We often get a good game of Monopoly going but other old school games like Boggle, Trivial Pursuit, and The Game of Life are also popular choices!

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