Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pick Your Perfect Monogram Style

Everyone can agree, monograms just make things look nice. Monogrammed towels are often a great gift for a couple who has just started to live together and women everywhere love wearing monogram jewelry. Everyone loves the little extra something a new personalized monogram brings them. When it comes time to buy a custom monogram online, for sure you want a style that fits the person! Lucky for you, at MyNameNecklace, we have a huge variety of monogram styles! From our original style, to our celebrity monogram jewelry, and now our upscale premium collection, we have it all!

First comes first, let's talk about the different monogram sizes. Just like shoes, one size does not fit all! Therefore, we have come up with a wide range of sizes, perfect for everyone - no matter if you are looking for a dainty monogram or something that really makes a big statement!

Monogram Necklace Sizing Chart

Now that we got sizes out of the way - let's discuss our primary styles!

Original Design

When we first started, we knew we needed a beautiful monogram design that everyone would love! That is how the birth of our original design began. And while our monogram collection has grown by leaps and bounds since the start, we will always pay homage to the fun design that started it all!

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Celebrity Style

Out of the celebrity monogram craze, we created a unique new style, the celebrity style monogram necklace. Unlike our original design, which used a single hook in the middle, this new one uses a double hook, mirroring the style typically seen by our favorite movie stars and singers! Due to this design's popularity, we have it in a variety of materials, including Rose Gold Plated and 10k Solid Gold, as well as necklaces and keychains!

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Premium Collection

Our Premium Collection is by far our most elegant monogram design! The beautiful looping of the letters, plus they way they are entwined with one another, makes for a beautiful monogram style! It is our most classy and most sought over design! If you really want to make your monogram stand out, this is the style for you!

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Are you sure you know proper monogram etiquette? If the mystery of personalized monogram necklaces baffles you, don't fall for possible monogam faux pas, let us help you by showing you how to make a monogram for yourself or someone you know!

Want to design your own monogram? Be sure to visit our custom monogram previewer to see exactly how your monogram will look!

Buy monogram jewelry today at MyNameNecklace! You will love our large collection of available styles, sizes, and materials! There is something for everyone!
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