Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Look into the Google Trends of 2014

2015 is right around the corner. In less than 48 hours we start a new year full of new possibilities and new dreams...not to mention a ton of new personalized jewelry from MyNameNecklace, but you will have to tune in to find out!

Anyway, every year Google comes out with its yearly trend report - a "who's who" if you will of what everyone was searching for in 2014. Everything from people and global news, to top Google doodles and YouTube videos. What were the top 10 searches in total for this year? Check them out:

Top Google Searches of 2014
How many of these did you search for in 2014?

Google Trends pointed out that there was a lot of loss this year. Philip Seymour Hoffman, Joan Rivers, Harold Ramis, and Maya Angelou were just a few. And while many celebrity deaths impacted us in one way or another, one of the ones that hit us the hardest was the passing of Robin Williams. Everyone in our office, no matter their age, all has a favorite movie by this amazing actor. Robin Williams also topped the list as the most Googled term of 2014.

Another thing that was big this year was the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. And while those who did it here aren't so apt to share their videos, we did love watching our favorite celebrities (Homer Simpson and Benedict Cumberbatch were amazing) and regular men and women take part in this fun and interesting way of raising money for a good cause! Here is one of the most original ones, done by the Foo Fighters!

And of course, we cannot forget the top celebrities searched this year. Of course the top two were Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian. They both made major headlines this year. Jennifer Lawrence made the top of Forbes' highest grossing actor list in 2014, and Kim, well, we all know that Kim married Kayne this May in Italy.

Kim and Kanye Get Married in Italy
This was one of our favorite events of 2014!

2015 was a huge year for consumer electronics. With the debut of the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5, Apple and Android OS fans went head to head to show which phone was better. Our office was definitely split down the middle. But one thing we could all agree on is no matter what phone we have, our Monogram Wallpaper application looks simply divine! With our monogram on our phone, we can easily tell whose phone is whose!

MyNameNecklace Monogram Wallpaper App
Get your very own monogram wallpaper! Everyone will know which phone is yours!

And of course we cannot leave you without one of our favorite YouTube videos of 2014, and just happens to make Google Trends' Top Ten List!

Wonder what Google Trends will become big in 2015?! (We hope MyNameNecklace becomes your number one trend in 2015!)

What's Your New Years Resolution in 2015?
We hope it is to buy more at MyNameNecklace!

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