Monday, December 29, 2014

We Love Christmas...But We Are Happy It's Over (Until Next Year Of Course)!

Christmas is over....parents everywhere are letting out a sigh of relief. Yes, the holiday is fun and awesome and filled with family togetherness, but it can be exhausting, having to cook and clean the house.

But also finding just the right presents and wrapping them can be nerve-raking. The best part for us, is when parents tape their children opening their gifts. Some of the reactions are simply priceless!

And sometimes, with a slight nudge from Jimmy Kimmel, parents pull the ultimate in Christmas pranks on their children!

But after all that unwrapping is done, the next question is what to do with all that used wrapping paper! Did you know that approximately one million tons of wrapping paper is generated between Thanksgiving and Christmas? And that if you lined all discarded ribbons up, one after another, it would be over 35,000 miles? Let's not even get into the 2.6 million holiday cards discarded! That's a whole lot of trash! So before you crumple up your wrapping paper, check out different ways you can recycle it! You can create envelopes, make it into colorful confetti for New Years or even as padding for a package, line bookshelves and/or drawers to give a more colorful look, or even turn it into festive origami! The options are endless!

Create Ribbons from Old Wrapping Paper
Learn how to create beautiful gift ribbons out of your discarded wrapping paper for a truly original look!

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