Tuesday, December 9, 2014

You Should Be Wearing a Monogram Bracelet Right Now

Monogram jewelry is insanely popular. All the celebrities love it and fashionistas everywhere can't help but accessorize with monograms. But here's the thing - not everyone wants a monogram necklace. Some people prefer bracelets! And if you love arm candy almost as much as you love monograms, then you will definitely want to get yourself a monogram bracelet (or two...or three...or, well, you get the point)!

Wrap Around Monogram Leather Bracelet
Everyone loves monogrammed leather bracelets! Get one for yourself!
Monograms are fun and mysterious. When someone looks at one, they are always wondering, "Hmm, I wonder what those initials stand for?" We can't help but love monogram bracelets because there is no limit to the number you can wear. While too many necklaces can look weird, there is no such thing as "too many bracelets."

Start Stacking Your Monogram Bracelets!
How do you stack your monogram bracelets!?

Need to know how to create a monogram? We have a really nifty monogram initial guide that can help you craft the perfect monogram!

If you are wondering, "Hey, where can I get a bracelet with my monogram on it," we have an answer for you - MyNameNecklace! We have a huge selection of monogrammed bracelets in a variety of styles! And if you are still last minute Christmas gift shopping, think about gifting someone a beautiful monogram bracelet! They are sure to love it!
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