Wednesday, January 28, 2015

10 Twitter Hashtags Everyone is (or Should be) Using

If you have been under a rock for awhile, then you don't know about the phenomenon that is Twitter hashtags! They have become a very important part of the way people communicate online. Hashtags are an easy way to groups certain tweets with a common theme and some of them are just really fun to read! And if you love Twitter as much as we do (@mynamenecklace), then you are probably well verse in the art of hashtags!

What is your favorite hashtag? Did you know we have a Hashtag Necklace, where you can promote your #? At MyNameNecklace we love funny things people order on name necklaces! Lots of people love to make their name necklace unique and interesting.

Here are 10 of our favorite hashtags right now!


Thou shalt not wear leggings as pants, thou shalt only use the word "literally" when grammatically correct to do so, thou shalt not refer to oneself in the third person.

#arelationshipisoverwhen find out he is really a she.


Charlie Sheen hasn't been #winning for quite awhile now. Maybe he needs to invest in more #tigerblood.


We'll let Jimmy Fallon field this one for us!


Perfect example - people complaining about stores being out of kale throughout New York City before the "blizzard" this week!


We want to thank some of our coworkers for coming up with these: knowing where to stand on the train platform so you are directly in front of the door when it stops; being able to tell the difference between butter and I Can't Believe it's Not Butter; being able to play "6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon" with any name, celebrity or average Joe.


For our #tbt, we pay homage to the name necklace that started it all (and the television character who made it popular again)!

Carrie Bradshaw Wears a Name Necklace
Thank you Carrie Bradshaw for bringing back this fun, personalized jewelry trend! We simply love it!


Remember how we mentioned that stores were out of kale, well they weren't out of batteries and water. So had the blizzard actually been a big deal, you'd have leafy greens but no water or working flashlights.


Someone told us they are single because they have meaningful conversations with their dog...and the dog talks back.


#sorrynotsorry MyNameNecklace has the best selection of personalized jewelry found anywhere!

With the Super Bowl this weekend, it is the perfect chance to perfect your use of hastags! Which popular ones are you going to use? We are liking #deflategate, #lob, and #seabelieve. Who are you rooting for? Show it with a hashtag!
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