Monday, January 12, 2015

Must Have Product of the Week: Engraved Key to My Heart Necklace

When we find that perfect person, that special someone, there are many cliches we use to show off our pairing - he is the Sonny to my Cher (pre-divorce of course), the peanut butter to my chocolate, or the macaroni to my cheese. Whatever cliche you love the most, run with it! But the one cliche we love is this one - you have the key to my heart. That is why our Engraved Key to My Heart Necklace is our product of the week!

Engraved Key to My Heart Necklace
Who holds the key that unlocks your heart?
There are many reasons why we are so in love with this couples necklace set. First of all, you can personalize both the heart and the key, which makes this necklace so unique. You can put any message you would like. And then the best part is that you can give half the necklace to that special someone in your life! When someone sees you wearing this necklace, they will know you belong to someone!

Not sure about a necklace, what about a personalized keychain set?

Heart and Key Keychain for Couples
Perfect keychain set for him and her with some birthstone flair!
If you aren't into necklaces but you love keychains, then our Heart and Key Keychain for Couples is the perfect option! You can engrave a special message on each keychain and add a birthstone for a little extra touch of personalization!

So, if you want to show someone they have the key to your heart, our personalized necklace or keychain set are perfect options! And hey, if you are looking for a great personalized Valentine's Day gift, this is the best option!

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