Friday, January 2, 2015

The Weekly Jive: Week of December 28

It's that time of the week where we tell you what all the cool kids are talking about! Don't forget to share what you are loving with on Twitter at @MyNameNecklace and on Google Plus at +MyNameNecklace!

1)We are celebrating 2015 in style and that means our entire selection of gold plated personalized jewelry is now on sale! Just use coupon code YEAR10 at checkout and receive 10% off the collection! But you better hurry because the sale ends January 4th!

New Years Sale at MyNameNecklace

2) While we are sad about the passing of Joan Rivers and how she will no longer be on Fashion Police, we are a bit excited about Kathy Griffin taking her place and what that means for the show! The first preview just came out! Are you going to catch Fashion Police on January 12?!

3) Do you have a soda carbonation machine, like SodaStream, at home? Did you ever wonder what other things would taste like carbonated? Those crazy guys over at Buzzfeed decided to answer the question "Can you soda it?"

4) At the end of every year,someone compiles a great video of news bloopers from all around the globe! Here is one of our favorite videos!

5) We simply adore Taylor Swift. Everything about her is amazing! And we just saw this amazing video she did where she surprised fans with gifts for the holidays. It is sure to make you laugh and make you tear all at the same time!

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