Friday, February 27, 2015

Relive The Week With What's Hot

As the week winds down, we hope you enjoyed it, as it was jam packed full of exciting events. From a night of fashion and performances at the 2015 Oscars, to our product of the week, this week definitely had style!

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On to the list:
1. Will Smith singing the "Fresh Prince" theme song on Ellen? Yep it happened.

2. The Oscars! Just in case you missed it, you can read our best and worst dressed list, and check out our Pinterest Board of the Best Dressed from all the awards shows!

3. Yep, we just added this product to MyNameNecklace, puzzle piece earrings with your initials on them! While Valentine's Day is behind us, these dainty little earrings are still a great "just because" gift for you or a friend.

Puzzle Piece Earrings with Initial

4. This wedding video had us all in tears:

5. Looking for a birthday gift for her? We recently created a short guide, "Five Gorgeous Necklaces To Get For Her Birthday". You can thank us later for all this helpful info ;)

Have a great weekend!
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