Sunday, February 1, 2015

Say it to Me Sweetly: Favorite Quotes about Love

How do you tell someone that you love them? Do you write them a note full of poetry, whisper sweet nothings in their ear, or leave a Post-It with your favorite quote about love somewhere your special someone will find it? Throughout the ages, there have been many quotes about love, what love is and what it means. When you are wrapping your Valentine's Day gift this year, think about including one of these beautiful love quotes with it! 

Love Quote 1
And we love to love

Love Quote 2
You never know what direction your heart may take you in

Love Quote 3
All you need to hear when you find that special someone

Love Quote 4
Love is a bumpy ride, ending in an amazing result

Love Quote 5
There are no losers when it comes to love

Love Quote 6
Can't say it much better than this!

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