Sunday, February 8, 2015

Single and Spectacular: The Single Girl's Guide to Celebrating Valentine's Day

It is very easy to get frustrated and jealous once February 14th rolls around. All over Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter couples leaving lovey-dovey messages, posting cute photos, and being a bit of well....a toothache (it's all too damn sweet)! And if you are brave enough to venture out on your own, you will feel like the only person without a +1. And no one wants to hear you complain about being single on Valentine's Day. However, you don't need to have a significant other to enjoy this day of love. As long as you love yourself and have others in your life that love you (and are single too!), then you can still celebrate this amazing holiday full of hearts and flowers!

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Make it All About You

Valentine's Day can be quite intimidating when you are on your own. But why sit and sulk when you can go out and pamper yourself. Make a reservation for a spa day. Get a mani-pedi. Spend some money from your rainy day fund and splurge on that monogram necklace you've been pining over. Order takeout from your favorite restaurant, open that bottle of wine that's been sitting, and watch your favorite chick flicks. When you feel good about yourself, the world looks so much brighter.

Get Out of Town with Your BFF

February 14th falls out on a weekend this year - so plan a weekend getaway with your (also single) BFF. Get a hotel in a big city for the weekend or go for a mini ski vacation. It is the perfect time to get away because tons of hotels and cabins are running Valentine's Day weekend deals. Just be sure to book quickly before all the rooms are taken.

valentines day chocolateMake it a Girl's Night In

Who said pajama parties are only for kids? Invite your best gals over, put on your comfy pj's, order pizza, buy some wine and ice cream, and have a girl's night in! Have a Sex and the City marathon and discuss who is a Carrie, who is a Samantha, and so on. (Are you a Carrie? Then you should totally get a Carrie Name Necklace!)

Take it to the Streets with Your Favorite Single Ladies

Don't want to spend the night in? Paint the town red with your single friends! Get dressed up to the nines and hit the city for a fun night of cocktails and dancing. You won't be alone when you go out, but with others celebrating right with you! And who knows, maybe you'll make a love connection!
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