Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Know Someone Who's Expecting? 5 Gifts Perfect for Mom's to Be

A majority of gifts for pregnant moms-to-be usually revolve around, well, their pregnancy. However, even though a woman may be pregnant, gifts don't need to be connected to her uterus. While you may have good intentions when buying a fetal monitor or pregnancy journal, these are not usually ideal gifts for moms. Gifts for new moms should center on the mom and not just the baby slow cooking inside of them. Here are five gifts for expecting mothers that are sure to be loved and appreciated.

Gift Certificate for a Spa Day

Facials, manicures, and pre-natal massages oh my! Give the gift of a spa day for a mom-to-be. She will certainly enjoy the feeling of being pampered for a little while. If you cannot afford a full spa day, even a certificate for a mani-pedi or a new hair-do will work.

Personalized Keepsakes

While moms-to-be cannot control how their bodies expand, they can control how they rock their pregnancy look. Some pregnant moms don't always feel pretty, and a new accessory can make all the difference. And while you are at it, a great gift for new moms is personalized jewelry. You can commemorate the bun growing in her oven in a beautiful way that she will be able to have long after their child grows up and moves out.

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Professional Pregnancy Photos

Find a great photographer and book them to take pictures of the mom-to-be. Even if she doesn't feel pretty now, when she looks back on the pictures, she will know exactly how beautiful she was. it is always a great way to look back as time goes by.

Basket of Bath and Body Products

Get a basket and throw in some really great products expectant mothers can really enjoy, including belly balm, bubble bath liquid, and soft smelling candles. You can also throw in some items for after she gives birth so she will definitely be set.

Home Cooked Meals

As women get more and more pregnant, the likelihood that they want to cook will get less and less. (And after the baby is born, homemade food becomes non-existent). Moms-to-be are more likely to pick up takeout than a recipe book. So what you can do is provide oven ready dishes that can be cooked quickly and ready to eat.

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