Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Must Have Product of the Week: Keep Your Dreams in a Personalized Locket

Lockets are timeless fashion accessories that people often wear for sentimental reasons, of just because they love the way the locket looks. Lockets are a timeless fashion statement that you can wear with your casual outfit to that LBD hanging in your closet. Inside the locket is a small keepsake, often a picture, a small note, or even a lock of hair. Today we see everything from vintage mourning lockets to the more popular sweetheart lockets associated first with World War II. At My Name Necklace we love personalized lockets because they add a little something extra to an already very personal necklace!

Mini Engraved Heart Locket in Sterling Silver
Show off who has your heart by wearing a picture of them inside of an engraved locket!

The origin story of the locket is hard to pinpoint. History tells us that during the mid seventeenth century, during the Commonwealth period, the royalist lady wore a locket commemorating Charles I. Many centuries later, the perfume locket became quite popular among higher class women.

Today, each and every locket has its own story to tell. Beneath the hinged locket door holds a special secret, memory, or hope for the future. Each locket has its own significance and is often a memento of devotion and love. You can get lockets in many shapes and sizes, with the heart shaped locket being the most popular. Oval and round lockets are also quite popular.

Large Engraved Locket in Sterling Silver
Show off your most treasured secret, wish, or memory in a personalized locket!
Choose from a selection of personalized lockets with engravings right now! They are good for all special occasions! You can get a name, an initial, or even a short message engraved on a locket. They make terrific gifts to give someone special in your life.
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