Sunday, March 1, 2015

Now Trending: Personalized Studs are the New Statement

An everlasting jewelry item, every girl has a few pairs of stud earrings sitting in her box of accessories. They are not just more delicate than flashy drop earrings or large hoops, but they are also more subtle and add a touch of romance and even whimsical when done right. And while stud earrings may be small, they often have big personalities, showing off just who the wearer is. Studs are also great for girls with multiple holes in their ears. You can mix and match your favorite studs for a truly unique look. And the more playful the combination of earrings, the more exciting the look.

Monogram Stud Earrings in 14k Gold - Check them Out!
Hey there stud, you're looking good! Can I take you home? (But you gotta' personalize them first!)
While some people may find stud earrings to be less exciting than their dangling counterparts, we have made them thrilling and dramatic by adding a super special personalized touch! No matter the occasion, our personalized studs are perfect. They are simple yet refined, and offer a small glimpse into your unique style. from formal to casual outings, our small earrings are just what you need!

Sterling Silver Star Earrings with Initial - get them today!
Show off to everyone that you are a star!
Puzzle Piece Earrings with Initial - Gotta' Have Them!
Puzzle jewelry is now trending, so you don't want to miss out on these studs!
And with our personalized stud earrings, you can even spell out little messages, get your initials, the initials of your beau, or someone else really special in your life.

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