Friday, March 20, 2015

Relive What's Hot from The Week of March 15th

Hey everyone, it is the first day of Spring! We are so excited for all that Spring brings - the sun, flowers blooming, and of course, we are one step closer to our favorite season, Summer! We hope you had fun celebrating St. Patrick's Day (and that you didn't get pinched too much)! Here is what we found exciting this week!

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1) SXSW is going on as we speak right now and Jimmy Kimmel is filling from Austin, TX. Watch this clip where he gets help from one popular Texas native!

2) As you very well know, we love when celebrities do lip sync battles! Did you know that now there is going to be a whole show dedicated to celebrities doing outrageous lip syncs? We are so excited to see it!

3) Our other favorite Jimmy, Jimmy Fallon had Jim Parsons on this week and enjoyed an interesting game of Catchphrase with him, along with musical guest Whiz Khalifa, and Miles Teller.

4) Ever wanted to know interesting theories about some of your favorite television shows from then and now, including Scooby Doo, West Wing, and Game of Thrones? Check out the clip below. Which theories do you believe and which do you think are bogus?

5) What would happen if video games attacked us? In the new movie coming out, Pixels, aliens misinterpret video games as declarations of war and attack the US using our favorite video games from the 1980s. It is up to a group of heroes, led by Adam Sandler, to stop the attack.

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