Friday, March 6, 2015

Relive What's Hot from The Week of March 1st

Snow may still be on the ground for a whole lot of you, but things are certainly heating up at MyNameNecklace! We have tons of new products and crazy offers to roll out for you beginning in March! From an exciting product of the week to our new love affair with stud earrings, we got so much to talk about.

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1) This week was National Pancake Day! Did you get free pancakes from IHOP? We love anything that celebrates our favorite foods! And apparently, so does Jimmy Kimmel!

2) This week Chris Hemsworth is going to be on SNL. We are very excited to see how he does!

3) Some one in the office clued us into this video. If you like Cinderella, you will definitely find this interesting.

4) A really fun cover of "Uptown Funk" originally done by Bruno Mars

5) The moment of cuteness this week comes from Jimmy Fallon who did his "Kids Letters" segment. Kids totally say the darndest things!

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