Friday, March 13, 2015

Relive What's Hot from The Week of March 8th

It may only be the beginning of March, but we are already counting down to the first day of Spring! So much happened this last week - we introduced our new line of personalized lockets, and discussed the do's and don't of wedding jewelry (it is never too early to start looking). Here's what we found exciting on the web this week!

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1) This week we lost an hour of sleep, and it makes us all sad (and groggy). Many people are wondering why are we still doing this, including John Oliver.

2) Those at the Maison Valentino runway show this week were treated to a surprise at the end - Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson reprising their iconic roles from Zoolander, strutting down the runway at the end of the show! The stunt was promotion for the Zoolander sequel, coming out in February 2016!

3) This week, Apple debuted the new Apple watch. A few people from the Buzzfeed staff went to try it out and this is what they had to say!

4) Mother's Day may be in the month of May but you should show your love for your mom all year round! We just introduced a selection of beautiful mother daughter necklaces. Why wait until May to show your mom love? Show off your beautiful bond in the perfect way - with personalized mother daughter jewelry!
5) Cinderella and Belle enter the stage of an epic rap battle but only one leaves the winner. Who would you pick?

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