Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Showing State Pride and Hometown Love Made Easy with State Jewelry

Not all of us stay in the state we were born and raised in. We move on, move to new locations and start anew. However, we always carry our hometown love with us, no matter where we go. We root for our favorite state sports teams and always try to get back for special occasions just so you can reminisce in all the parts of your hometown you love. If you live in another state but want others to recognize where you come from, why not get yourself a state necklace? It is a great subtle way to show off your hometown.

State Necklace - Personalized with your Initial - show off your state!
No matter how far from home you may be physically, this necklace will always remind you of your hometown!
If you are missing your home-state there is no reason why you can't represent no matter where you live. You will never have to feel homesick when you have a state necklace to look at and remember where you are from!

Acrylic State Necklace
 You can always be in a New York state of mind when you wear this necklace!
We offer so much more when it comes to location jewelry! Map-heads everywhere will love our amazing personalized compass necklace! We also have an amazing selection of bar necklaces where you can engrave the longitude and latitude coordinates of a special location in your life.

state love
Which state do you call home? Let us know where your state love lies!

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